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Earn A Living From Stock Photography

The advent of internet and improvements as well as advancements in digital photography equipment has given photographers with wonderful opportunity to generate profits by selling stock images online. As you read this article, we will talk about ways on how you will be able to sell royalty free and stock photos through stock photography websites.

It is vital to have an understanding of the difference between these two just before you can start selling royalty free and stock photos online. Royalty free photos are the digital or print images sold for one-time fee and these kinds of images and photos are exempted from outstanding or royalties commission-like earnings down the road. Stock photos on the other hand are images licensed for commercial used similar to advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, graphic artists, graphic and website designers and among others. Photographer retains ownership for stock photos.

As a matter of fact, stock photos can even fall to different categories including people, animals or house items. Not only that, stock photos are available in different genres similar to sports, travel, medical and nature. Most of the stock photographers opt to find some niches that are specializing in the type of digital image or photo.
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Stock photographs can also include stock illustrations and CGIs or computer generated images that are modified using a photo editing software program. And whether you believe it or not, some websites focused on stock photography are also selling stock audio, royalty free stock illustrations and stock videos.
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For one to become a contributor, stock photographers must apply into a stock photography site. The photographer can now start uploading photos of different sizes as soon as the application has been given an approval. There are some sites that do provide preset of price depending on the photo’s size that must be uploaded while other pages allow photographers to set their own price.

Basically, the policy or payment structure totally depend on the stock photography page. As an example, there are some sites that pay 25cents for each photo downloaded and by the time the earnings reached 500 dollars, the payment for every photo downloaded increases to 30 cents. As a matter of fact, this is a common payment policy or structure on stock photography sites. Consequently, these websites have a big customer base.

Then again, there are photography websites that pay photographers base on percentage. A quick example of this is that, some pages pay 20 percent of the download fee with 40 percent fee settlement, say that the digital photo is sold through that site exclusively.

As what you notice, the more images you have contributed in stock photography sites, the more money you can earn.