Car Dealerships

ocha 13/12/2015

Observation I: Putting all of the available advertising eggs into the Internet may not be the best move. Your dealership has so many marketing resources that are being used to drive business. Also with used cars their are more chances their are problems, since your not sure how the past owner treated the car. Our dealership has the most diverse inventory of used cars in Denver We make every effort to ensure each used Toyota offered is reliable for the road ahead. This means that the dealership will receive the amount of the rebate from the manufacturer when the car is sold.dealershipdealership

I once worked at a Dodge dealership whose idea of reconditioning seemed to be just to drive the sled slowly through the shop while the mechanics-strike that, I meant to say technicians-waved at it. I’m not that picky, but its nice when a used car has two working …

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Car Dealership

ocha 02/11/2015

Word of mouth used to be the most sought after advice when it is time to seek a dealership to buy a new car. I went yesterday to Holler Classic Dealer in Altamonte Springs, I was ready to buy a car and the sales person Randy was nice, he show me a power point presentation (make feel like I was buying a Time Share)explaining why they couldn’t go lower in the price and told me they were giving me the lowest price in the car, i did my homework and it was over $300 more but I was getting a warranty and service was good.

Subsequently, after going to dealer school and passing through the chairs, Jimmy’s dad took over as General Manager; the store thrived; and Jimmy not only bought the dealership land and facility, but bought the Ford store in the next town, and is currently building a …

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