Check this list of Birthday cake sayings when you are looking to send cakes to Karachi

Do you remember how many times it has happened to you when you have called the cake shop to order your birthday cake for the mother, husband, friend or a family and on the other end the person starts to note down your details. He may ask you ‘sir what do you want us to write on your cake?’ This simple question is a reminder that says yes; you can also put something interesting rather than writing “Happy Birthday” on your birthday cake. Of course, if you have not prepared to answer this question then it feels little difficult to make your cake stunning and delicious. The below-mentioned sayings will surely run the gamut from funny to congratulate and would prove best to send cakes to Karachi on the birthday of your loved ones.

Have a look at some general sayings when you send cakes to Karachi:

Birthday sayings and wishes are the best way to convey your emotions in the more awesome way. Therefore when people choose to send cakes to Karachi for their dear ones, they prefer to use handful of birthday sayings and alternatives and can consider the list of general sayings that may say;

  • Happy 15 years of Awesomeness
  • Happy 10 years of sweetness
  • Oh, snap! You’re 24 now
  • The best is yet to come this year
  • Look who’s growing 24
  • OMG! I have grown up to 25

Consider older birthday sayings for aged people when you send cakes to Karachi

Here is a list of some old- general sayings when you prefer to choose cakes for your loved ones living in Karachi.

  • Aged like fine wood
  • 50 years young
  • 55 years older than dirt
  • 47 years old, still crazy!
  • Happy 16th Birthday hahahahahaha!
  • Old man, young at heart!
  • You are never old for cake
  • You are not old, you are vintage!
  • To 56 years of memories
  • Age is just a number, but a very BIG number!
  • Older but no wiser!
  • Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone your age

These are some few sayings that are more common when it comes to delivering cakes for your loved ones. But it’s also important to choose some reliable cake delivery in Karachi so that the professional cake makers can help you write something inspirational for the birthday of your dearest people.

Write romantic birthday message on the birthday cake of your special person

Looking for some sweet and romantic birthday message for your special person like boyfriend, wife or girlfriend? Here are a couple of best cake messages for your darling people. These words could make her day and give the chance to express your loved. But most importantly, you should prefer to order online birthday cake delivery in Karachi where professional people would write sweet messages just like these;

  • You are sweeter than frosting
  • Happy Birthday my World!
  • 25 years old and still beautiful
  • For my favorite person
  • So glad you were born!
  • 24 years, getting better all the time!

What should you write for the 16th birthday of your friend?

16th birthday is always considered special because it is the time of the year when we start growing further and entering to the adulthood phase. On this 16th year of life, you could ask your birthday cake makers to write:

  • Happy sweet 16!
  • 16 are as sweet as you!
  • Legal to drive, watch out!
  • Eat cake, drink coffee and have fun!

Birthday cake makers could help you express these kinds of feelings in a much better way, but make sure you choose right birthday cake delivery in Karachi so that you can deliver your cake in a perfect manner and inaccurate time.

Birthday cake sayings for the 50th birthday:

Here are some best sayings for the 50th birthday of your sweet older one;

  • Happy half century
  • Nifty and fifty!
  • 18 years old (with 32 years of experience)
  • Still cool at 50

Birthday cakes are huge fun, especially if they are well adorned with beautiful sayings. Therefore people prefer to call cake delivery Karachi professionals so that they can make your cake delicious yet eye catching. But make sure the cake looks super cute for the special day of your beautiful person.

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