Getting Down To Basics with Landscapers

How to Choose a Landscaping Company

Selecting the best landscape company will need careful consideration of several factors, that at the very least must include their skills, concern and professionalism. You are on the lookout for a company you respect and have chemistry with, so it will become a longstanding relationship. But first, it’s important to define the parameters.

What kind of work are you planning on getting and how much is your budget? Would you simply want someone to maintain your yard and perhaps add some plants here and there, or are you thinking of a more extensive project? Take note that some landscapers only offer maintenance. If you are looking for more than that, then pick a company that has more capabilities and credentials.

Before searching for prospects online, talk to any neighbors or friends who may have recently worked with a landscaping contractor. Referrals are usually the best place to start. As soon as you have a number of prospects, screen them according to the following:
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If they do not have adequate insurance and somebody gets hurt while doing their job within your property, you could be liable. And look for proof of insurance, making sure their policy is valid.

Professional Affiliations

If they have ties with professional associations, they are more likely to be updated on the most recent landscaping trends.


Know how long the contractor has been in business – the longer they have been around in the industry, the more knowledge and experience they have.


If a contractor is certified by the state, that means the service will be accountable to you, as well as to the highest legal standards. And it typically implies that the employees have passed certain exams, proving they are more educated and professional, and can create better quality work.


Simply put, you don’t want to hire a company that won’t be there for you when your landscape starts to fall apart.


Ask for at least three references and spend time talking to them about the contractor and whether they would hire them again. Also ask if there is something they would do differently with the said landscaper.


Finally, communicating everything as clearly as possible will build you a strong foundation for a productive relationship. Make sure there will be a written contract that comes with all the necessary details, complete with prices and costs. A high-detail graphical layout of the project will be good to have. Remember to get a quote on anything unexpected that may crop up anytime while the job is ongoing. Understand the processes and procedures of the company. They have to be able to communicate a clear path from your first call to the successful completion of the project.