Green Car Dealerships

Truck dealerships are in the business to make money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I once worked at a Dodge dealership whose idea of reconditioning seemed to be just to drive the sled slowly through the shop while the mechanics-strike that, I meant to say technicians-waved at it. I’m not that picky, but its nice when a used car has two working headlights, a spare tire, and power windows that actually go up and down.

When all is said and done, though, you’ll want to stop by our Honda dealership in Cary to speak with our experienced sales team and take a test drive. Hard sell them into a payment or price and the next opportunity they will be down the road to another dealership and brand. And they don’t like shopping around looking for the best deal across different dealerships — they want to go to one location, find the car they are looking for and drive it home. Dealerships wish to work with purchasers and typically offer their own funding which buyers can compare with bank auto funding advantageous deal.

Dealerships can improve upon characteristics that consumers dislike, while continuing to develop characteristics that consumers have indicated that they like. However, call me crazy, but I’d sooner travel to other end of the country to buy my bike and make a road trip out of it than give some seedy dealership the satisfaction of taking my hard earned cash.

Working at a dealership ultimately comes down to the income vs. bullshit ratio. You will be expected to know the ins and outs of the automotive industry and be able to run a dealership. Also you wont have to worry about car history, if you got to a reputable care dealership. Be persistent in your search as you do not know when someone will retire and sell a dealership or Toyota will open a new territory. One of the things that makes our Fontana Used Truck Dealership different is that our service doesn’t stop when you leave our office.

Now once you go to the dealership you found the vehicle you want at you can compare the financing options they have versus your banks. I don’t particularly enjoy the look of bewilderment or anger on some customers faces when they see that fee, but we are at least completely up front about it at my dealership along with all other prices. Buddy moved to Phoenix, bought a trailer home that he setup behind the store and began running the dealership. Stan Sher is an Automotive Industry consultant and president of Dealer eTraining where he specializes in training automotive dealerships with their digital sales and marketing efforts. These days, we have access to numerous resources and technology that allows our dealerships to constantly stay in front of consumers. The title and all the paperwork would be sent to the dealership and handled there.

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