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How to Protect Your Home from All Possible Point of Entries In order to improve your home security, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be doing big stuffs since providing security for your family might actually start from the small things. Although security matter is somehow a big work to be done, a good way to start it is to have home installed with security systems. Aside from the security system, you can also do other types of security measure to your home. One of the most effective ways to protect a home is by the use of home security system but this alone can never withstand the threat to your home security. You can install an alarm system to your home but this is not actually the start of protecting your home because you need to do more before the installation. TAside from home security system, you can also do other forms of security measures.
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A basic way to protect your home is to know the point of entries. Point of entry is simply all the entries where a person can get inside your home. Examples are the doors and windows. You should conduct a thorough check up on your entire home’s locks as well as ensuring the strength of your doors and windows.
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Once you have checked your point of entries, the next thing to do is to secure them. Adding locks to doors and windows must be done. You need to remember that the locks serve as your first security towards any entry on your doors and windows. Locks are actually inexpensive and at the same time very easy to install. Doors must always be the strongest. More locks installed to your door is actually effective. You can also add a dead bolt that has an extra long bolt. Next, make sure that you also secure the door frames with long wood screws. A length of three inches for your screw is actually enough to screw them around the frame. You may want to install a strong strike plate, too. To identify the strike plate, this is actually the metal plate you see between the door and the doorknob or deadbolts. Since this part of the door is the weakest, ensure that you choose an extra thicker metal plate for added security. If you happen to have a sliding glass door, you just have to secure a doorjamb. In order to have a force entry to the glass door, breaking it is the only option so at least you are secured that sliding the door is not an option anymore. To further improve the security of your glass doors, you can add more locks that are placed at the top and bottom of your doors. Storm doors are also essential if in case you are not happy with having a glass door only protecting you.