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Practical Guide to Custom Home Design

Building your dream home takes a lot of effort and involvement from you, that’s why it is essential that you plan ahead in designing a rough sketch of your home idea, envisioning how you want your dream home to be, following these tips, before you discuss your ideas to an architect, who will help you translate those ideas into a custom house plan.

Before you sketch your envisioned idea of a home using a pencil and paper, do a lot of brainstorming, researching on home ideas from magazines, books, and a lot from the Internet, and even discussing your home ideas with members of your family so it would be more a collaboration of ideas, and, finally, making a list of agreed features in your custom home design.

In planning for your custom home design, your future plans and expected scenarios for your family must already be incorporated, such that when you think about the future you have to consider how you will accommodate your family with their kind of recreational activities, accommodate a flexible space for work, and accommodate the amenities that will be needed as your family keeps growing.
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Once you have formulated your home design ideas in a rough sketch, start prioritizing each feature of your home and one that can meet the budget allocation; therefore, put more importance on the priorities of each feature, a design that is practical, functional, and one that you think can serve a good purpose.
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Consider function and flow, the function of each room part and how its strategic location can flow with the rest of the rooms, for instance, if your family is fond of gathering more around the kitchen, you can opt for an open floor plan where there is a continuous flow from the kitchen to the dining room and the living room.

Lighting has a way of illuminating at each place and people with the realities of what’s going on in a home and it lifts the spirits when each member of the family are brought together with the brightness of the room, therefore, consider the kind of lighting you have to install in your planned home. Natural lighting is as essential for illuminating some parts of your home, like the dining area or kitchen or your small porch, and its purpose is not just for brightening the place but also for health reasons, so include its usefulness in your home plan.