Hybrid Watches – A Bridge Between Traditional and Modern?

What is a hybrid watch? In these times of so many different technologies you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a watch that runs on electricity sometimes and another power source at other times. But no, the hybrid smart watch, to give it it’s full title, is merely the next iteration of the computer in a different guise, but is it just a marketing ploy or actually something useful that could bridge the gap between full blown smart watches and traditional analogue pieces?

Whilst the traditional analogue watch is no longer as useful as it once was, with time displayed on phones and other interconnected devices, they still very much have their place. More emphasis has been placed on their craftsmanship and history, as well as the fashionable element they bring, and while the past decade had seen a slight dip in traditional watch sales, the past year or two have seen a marked upswing, showing they are coming back to the forefront.

On the other end, smartwatches are now also genuinely useful devices. Computing power, operating systems and size of components have all now aligned to mean that these micro-computers can do the majority of jobs a much larger machine could only a few years ago.

However, the hybrid sits somewhere in between, with analogue looks and digital elements, either under the hood or well hidden. But it begs the question, is the compromise in technology that these offer made up by the traditional looks? In our opinion, yes.

Fossil watches are a great example of a brand that produces hybrid watches that look fantastic, but have useful digital elements. The newest ‘Q Neely’ model is a slimline female version with a 36mm bezel and a depth of less than 10mm. It’s a lovely design, and if you weren’t told you’d never know it was digital. Underneath it combines a pedometer, sleep monitor, vibrating alerts and customisable buttons, all linked to an app on your phone

So, whilst the technology isn’t the greatest, it’s not visible at all, which if you’re going for the style of a traditional watch means it’s all an added extra. If you want a full blown smart watch that is essentially a mini computer, get one of those, but if you’re looking for the style of a traditional model then a hybrid is an excellent option.

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