Men’s Fashion: the Perfect Swiss Watch according to your Style

Any man remotely interested in fashion knows that accessories are the most effective tools to have a personal and authentic outfit. And watch is often THE accessory that every man dreams to have. It is above all a device which the essential function is, among others, to give the time. Then, it should be practical, robust and beautiful. Only a Swiss watch meets all of these criteria and even more. This guide will help you keep your clothing style and lifestyle with the perfect wrist watch made in Switzerland.

The Swiss Watch for an Uptown adventurer

If you are not fan of the “correctly attired” in your everyday life. Instead, you are an active man who wants to send the image of a real adventurer, opt for a field watch. These military-inspired watches typically have a very readable and colorful dial that can be black, khaki or blue. They are solid proof and often available with discreet finishes (brushed or beaded, rather than polished). These watches evoke a robustness and a relaxed stylistic approach. Some models will also have a military history that can be an excellent topic of conversation. You may choose a model with two circles of concentric indices and typical hands. Louis Chevrolet makes notably some original models like this.

The Perfect Swiss Watch for a Sportsman

If you are a huge fan of sporty style and you like to sweat, you are certainly concerned by this category. It would be a heresy to wear a precious metal watch and leather bracelet to go running. And you do not need a much trained eye to know that such a watch does not match with a hoodie. The ideal watch for you has to be light, resistant and withstand sweat. There is nothing better than plastic to meet these criteria. Traditionally, sports watches have a steel bracelet, but these have evolved with the introduction of the rubber strap. Choose a watch that you feel comfortable with and that you are not afraid to use in extreme conditions. And yes, there a Swiss watches that meet all of these conditions. And once again, you can purchase them at the best prices on Louis Chevrolet’s web site.

The Swiss Watch for the Casual Friday

For those who can settle for a blazer or woolen sweater at work, it’s also useless to opt for a watch that is clad in precious metal, although most Swiss watches are. Instead, opt for steel watches that you will not be afraid to wear every day. At the same time, it should show the particular attention you pay to your accessories. The chronograph is one of the most common additional functions and it can demonstrate a limitless refinement.

The Swiss Watch for the Working Boy

The watch to accompany a well-cut suit is a Swiss watch at its finest. It should have an elegant design with a discreet diameter. A simple dial and a luxurious strap would be perfect. Keep in mind that watches of this category are more sophisticated in their design so, they tend to be more expensive.

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