Six tips for prom makeup

The prom is a special occasion in the life of most young people. It is a night for fun and glamour and everyone wants to look their best, which means getting their makeup right.

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Feel like a princess

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The technique is often more effective than spending a lot when it comes to makeup. Start thinking a few weeks before the prom about what you like and find images of inspirational looks. Once you have settled on a style you enjoy, do a test run. This is generally a good idea, as some practice may be required to get every element right.

Once you are happy with the look, take a photograph to see how the makeup looks, not forgetting to test this with a flash. Check that your face blends well with the rest of your body – some blush on the neck or chest may help get the two in sync, especially if your body is tanned.

Preparing the skin

Applying a face mask to unblock your pores is a good idea before the prom, but do this several days beforehand in case there are any skin issues that need to be resolved. The Guardian has more tips on caring for teenage skin.

If you are planning any other beauty treatments, such as brow waxing or a manicure, try to slot them in at least a day before so that you are not stressed on the day of the prom.

You want your makeup to stay put, so learn how to apply foundation and set it so that it will last all evening. Choose a lipstick designed to last to go with it. Layering powder and cream blush is also a great way to ensure a three-dimensional look that remains pristine all night.

Of course, stunning prom makeup should be accompanied by beautiful prom dresses. If you are looking for prom dresses at great prices, why not check out a site such as You will find a large selection of gorgeous frocks.

Getting ready for your prom is an exciting time. Plan ahead and test out all the makeup you want to use. In this way, you can focus on applying your makeup on the day of the prom, knowing that it will work and look fabulous.

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