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Escape Rooms For Team Building Nowadays escape games are becoming a common weekend diversion for friends and families living in the U.S, escape room games started out in Asia before they quickly spread to Western Europe, they are also called escape room games, currently, companies are beginning to realize how these escape room games are of value in team building activities, this is because they encourage employees to collaborate and work together in ways that were previously not possible, many organisations have realized that teamwork is the secret to success thus the need to participate in team building activities to create a corporate team Although they are a new gaming phenomenon, escape room games are increasingly becoming a popular team building activity, for employees to work together effectively, creating a functional team is not the same as just hiring a group of people, team building activities foster trust, open communication and seeing it that they understand of every member of the team, because strengths are critical when it come the success of any team, escape rooms are offering an environment outside the office that is suitable for team building activities
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Escape rooms are a pre-cursor or a follow-up to a more structured team development due to how immediate the results are, this is shown by how they communicate in the room, how they did agree to a strategy, who took a leadership role and how they did it an how did they corporate during the entire gaming period, real development occurs only outside our comfort zone and thus for most people spending an hour in a closed room with other colleagues in a real out of comfort zone experience or them Escape rooms are a game that predominantly began as a social activity, hence their very function is fun, as a team focuses on the task at hand, they enjoy the game and thus fun takes over, they will be then inclined to their preferred work styles, this allows or lots of surprises and also opportunities for being able to recognize the different strengths and weaknesses that each and every member of the team can bring the group, this opens a door to conversations about working styles and team dynamics Respect of a contribution is also achieved by escape room games, since every player should contribute skills for solving a problem, each and every member of the company must respect the contribution that has been made by others, aspect of respect is of great importance for workers of any organization to develop in their team work, the relationship between players is really developed by the pressure that gets created in the escape rooms, the pressure pushes people to work together as each person has to make a contribution During escape room games, communication styles are uncovered, people are able to communicate using different styles, it is difficult to develop these styles in other places, these skills can be utilized in other areas of the organization, for example meetings and presentations, in the escape rooms listening skills are also developed