Time to Get Your Custom Christmas Jumper Ready

Christmas jumpers have become a very firm festive tradition. The memories that go with a seasonal jumper will often involve a grandparent or a specific party, and it’s these memories that have made them a part of Christmas as much as a Christmas tree and the mince pies.

How to Get Your Hands on Your Very Own Festive Jumper

You can go the boring old route and make a beeline for the shops. Any clothing store that’s worth its salt will have a selection of jumpers that you can get off the peg. However, some people like to stand out from the crowd and make their own Christmas jumpers. Those who love sewing and crafts will jump at the opportunity to make their very own jumpers and a few extras for friends of family.

Make Your Own!

It’s so easy to do. The first step is to find a suitable crew neck cotton knit sweater or a knitted jumper. Even a cardigan will work. Collect pieces of fabric off-cuts such as floral cotton poplin fabric that you can combine with other textures. Cut them into traditional shapes like Christmas trees, stars, etc.

If sewing makes you break out in a rash, get hold of some bondaweb. Copy the shape of the fabric but cut it marginally smaller. Press it into place with the paper side down, remove the paper from the other side and then put the shape on the jumper where you want it to be. Now iron to bond the shape to the jumper. Look online for bondaweb if you don’t know of a supplier close to you. You can even order amazing fabrics for your appliquéd design from sites such as http://www.higgsandhiggs.com/.

For Those Familiar With a Sewing Machine

Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, secure your patch with a fine zig zag edge stitch. If you put the stitches close together they will create a satin like finish. You can also get great effects by using metallic thread. Ribbon, buttons, baubles, the works! Hunt the web for great inspiration.

Retro, classic, kitsch or timeless – nobody can deny that a Christmas sweater will put a smile on anyones’ face. It’s fun and will most certainly get you into the spirit of Christmas!

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