Tips for Choosing a Bikini According to Body Shape

In the heart of almost every woman would want to try wearing a bikini to just go sunbathing or to the beach. But be careful, for those of you who have never bought a bikini, there are some things to watch out for or wearing a bikini will become a nightmare.

For those of you who have self-confidence, certainly will not be difficult to choose any type of clothing model. Including swimwear like a bikini. However, for some women choosing a bikini is difficult.

Even if you are able to choose the right size bikini, this swimwear can show your curves perfectly.

Here’s how to choose a bikini to make you more confident wearing it:

1. Know the Body Type

Things that must be known to choose the appropriate bikini is your body shape type. The way to find out is by measuring the hips, waist and breasts.

As for some body types that you need to know about:

• Pear-shaped: Body shape like this is, if the hips are bigger than your waist and breasts
• Apple-like shape: Body shape like this normally, your waist is much bigger than your hips
• Hourglass-like shape: This body shape is a woman’s ideal body shape, your breasts and hips have a width that tends to be the same, but you have a smaller waist.
• Straight body shape: Usually this body shape is no significant difference from top to bottom alias flat

2. Prepare Yourself

Before you go to try and buy a bikini for your romantic trip. The thing to note is yourself, one of which is by removing some fine hairs that don’t want to be displayed when wearing a bikini. You can do waxing at the salon or do it yourself at home by buying a lot of waxing gel.

3. Choose the Bikini According to Your Style

There are several wholesale bikinis. However, if you already know your body type, online shopping will be fun, you don’t have to bother to go from one place to another.

You only need internet and smartphone to browse the bikinis being searched. Try visiting the website page, there are bikini swimsuits with various models from several brands that you can adjust to your body shape. Not only bikinis, they also sell sexy dresses online.

4. Choose the Color and Material

This is one of the things that is important to you when buying a bikini. Pay attention to the color and material of the bikini because it will highlight your best body while covering up the deficiencies in the body.

The secret of a bikini that is right for you is a bikini that can attract the attention of the surrounding and accentuate the figure of the body part that you love. This will help you to feel more comfortable while getting the perfect appearance while enjoying your romantic trip with your partner.

5. Asking Someone Who Understands (Professional)

If you have difficulty when shopping alone, ask for help from a professional like a salesperson in the store to get some models that are most suitable for you to use.

You only need to respond to the choice, and do not hesitate to tell the model that is being sought, because it really helps the salesperson in choosing the right bikini for you. You can also ask for help online at lover-beauty by visiting his website at

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