Spring/Summer 2017 takes fashion designers back to the drawing board to redefine the trending colors of the season. Spring is considered as the season of colors leaving behind a vivacious combination of rainbow colors. The significance of colors can no longer be denied. As quoted by Fran Keenan “If fashion were a song, color would be the beat.”

Colors have strongly influenced and indeed dominate the creativity of fashion designers. Wearing bright colors can add to the charm of your personality as well as enhance your self-esteem and level of confidence. Opting for the light colors can help in achieving a more younger and groomed look. The menswear industry is in a phase of transition that is a blend of high octane and bold colors. The current season is dominated by bold shades of red, yellow and orange with equal influence of blue and green.

The following colors are considered as the trending colors of the season that serves as a color guide for men’s wardrobe:

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1) Grey-based shades of light green:

It is considered as a neutral or achromatic color. Being a neutral color it can be blended with equal composition of red, blue and green. Grey-based shades of light green unlike the past has been trending in the men’s fashion market. The advantage of wearing this color is that it makes you look younger as well as give more of a mature and professional outlook. Moreover the color can be easily complimented with a wide range of colors giving men more autonomy in the selection of T-shirts, ties and hankies.

2) Beige shades:

This shade gives the look of a natural wool. The beige color can be complemented with pale blue color. The suits of beige shades can add to the wardrobe that is specially designed keeping in view the professional and job requirements. Beige color has multi tones that can be wore to complement different shades of beige.

3) Rich inky royal blue shade:

Rich and inky shades of blue are considered as a backbone for all men’s markets and this color is trending for all times. Blue is a traditional masculine color that adds a more sober and vibrant outlook to the person especially in the summer season. The color can be complemented by wearing soft-shoulder jackets, brown shoes and slim trousers that would give more of a sober outlook as well as help the individual in transition from duty hours to off duty.

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4) Saturated red or wine color:

The color has been dominating the fashion industry for the last two seasons and is still considered as one of the most important hues of the season. The shades of red can be utilized both in formal and informal environments. For men red is more likely to be worn as a basic dressing that is shirt. The best combination to be complimented with red especially in summers is white, navy, cream, grey and black.

5) White the color for all seasons:

Much of the significance of white color is associated with its clean, fresh and contemporary outlook. The perfect outlook combination of white goes extremely well in summers as well as getting dressed up for evenings on a holiday.

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