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The Benefits of Hiring Remote Database Administrators

We live in a competitive business environment where saving costs and increasing efficiency is the goal of every manager. In large companies, you’ll often spot a group of database administrators working throughout to ensure that software applications run smoothly. But in smaller firms, you’ll not find such teams as it’s quite expensive to hire database administrators let alone a team. Smaller firm cannot do without database administration because it’s very essential.

Because of this, smaller companies have found a way to work around this issue. Small companies can now access the essential services these professional provide through sharing. Database administration and support is a service that can today be outsourced just like other services. Firms are nowadays utilizing the services of remote database managers. If you are not sold on the benefits of using remote DBAs’ then the following article will hopefully convince you.


We reside in a difficult business environment where managers have to regularly look out for ways to increase efficiency while at the same time reducing the wage bill. Due to this, a lot of companies are looking at outsourcing as a solution for saving costs. With outsourcing you only pay for the service done; so it’s much cheaper than maintaining full time staff. An employee may deliver little value to an organization yet may be drawing a big salary in some cases. Outsourcing allows you to get value for your money. Through outsourcing, smaller companies can now afford database administrators who they could not afford before.

Access Different IT Services

When a company hires a database administrator in-house they expect such a professional to be able to handle every thing that concerns database administration. This is as a result of the administrator being paid a good salary. The professionals mostly do routine maintenance work, something that such companies don’t realize.

Though, in instances where there is a technical database issue, a firm may be forced to look out for more experts to workout a solution. The company’s finances are negatively impacted because the company has to pay money outside yet they have a full time employee for the job. Though, when firms decide to engage remote database admins, they get to access IT professionals with a myriads of skills. Due to this benefit, a firm may be able to solve even the most difficult database issue without incurring extra costs.

24 Hour Service

To be brief database administration is very essential to a company. A company’s operations could be jeopardized if there’s any database glitch at odd hours. Remote database administration services usually operate round the clock. This helps ensures that database problems can be solved at anytime.
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