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The writing of books is an art that has been with us for several centuries. For long, people have regarded written work as the best way of communication. The importance of written work is more so in instances where the author wishes to have the work available for many generations. It is possible to keep books for a very long time hence they serve this purpose well. One notable type of literary works is novels. Novels come in different categories. Adult romance novels are one of the categories of novels being read widely in recent times.

Adult novels are basically novels fit for readership of adults only. In many instances an adult is defined as a person who is passed the age of eighteen years. Why would we categorize the books as adult? The classification is based on the content of the novels which is often romance based. In most situations, world communities do not allow children access to romantic content until they are adults. This is done to guard their morality during growth.

Romantic novels are basically literary works that trace a romantic lifestyle of characters. The love life of such characters can be depicted to have a good ending or a tragedy. Case in point is where an author creates characters such as the legendary Romeo and Juliet. The start of the book is important as the foundation of sexual attraction serves to attract readers. The story must then be built romantically ensuring to capture the readers at all steps.
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Reviews on adult novels has revealed that those that bring out emotions among readers are always the best-selling. The adult terminology is based on bringing out of these emotions. If a romantic novel does not build emotions of the reader then the novel has not accomplished its role as a romantic novel. Reviews also point out at the kind of language used in romantic novels as one other yardstick of attraction to readers. With the classification as adult, an author has the liberty to use any type of language.
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The world has had an increased production of romantic novels recently. Not only that they can now be found and read from different media. Traditionally, romance books were only available in print media. The use of the internet has enabled readership of the books online. Internet enables for a wide dissemination of information about the book as well as enabling readership at a wide scale. Notable also is the fact that for a romantic novel to sell widely then it should carry steamy romantic stories. Language as well as story line are some of the aspects that make the novel steamy. Some romantic novels have gone on to be used in creation of movies.