Zero 2 Turbo Tips on Beating a Traffic Ticket

If a driver receives a traffic ticket, they may think there’s nothing they can do—other than pay it. However, what a driver doesn’t know can hurt their wallet, and in some cases, it is possible to get a ticket dismissed. Below are a few Zero 2 Turbo tips that can help drivers get their tickets dismissed.

Remain Calm

It is important for drivers to remain respectful, polite and calm, both during a traffic stop and in subsequent court appearances. While it’s not foolproof, good manners can be enormously helpful in traffic cases.

Gather Facts

Being organized is a vital part of getting a ticket dismissed. The more information a driver has, the more effectively he/she can present the case. When the driver has all the facts, they’ll look more competent and they won’t forget anything that’s important. These helpful facts can include:

  • Radar readings
  • Date and time of day
  • Weather conditions at the time of the citation
  • Current registration and insurance information

Having all the right information can expedite the process and keep a driver from becoming frustrated when they defend their case.

Make Notes and Consult the Clerk

Before a court appearance, the driver should check in with the clerk of the court, and they should find out if the issuing officer has checked in as well. Police officers fail to appear for a variety of reasons, and if the officer isn’t present, the ticket is more likely to be dismissed. During the court case, the driver should write down anything they don’t understand so they can ask about it during cross-examination. This step can help the driver look more professional, and it can help them ask the right questions.

Ask an Attorney

Despite a driver’s best efforts, they may need a second opinion from a local legal professional. A traffic lawyer can objectively evaluate a case and make recommendations based on his or her years of on-the-job experience. Even if a person is issued a traffic citation, it’s not the end of the world. By staying organized and remaining respectful and courteous, a driver may be able to have a ticket dismissed or reduced.