Items that security guards can’t live without

Security guards play an essential role in keeping property, items and people safe; however, during their work, their own safety is of equal concern. For these reasons, having the right equipment to hand is integral to their job. Here are some of the top items that security guards can’t live without.

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A sturdy flashlight with a strong beam provides extra visibility during darkness. It is not just security guards working the night shift that need flashlights, however. According to QR-Patrol, a flashlight can be useful in a difficult situation inside a dark room even during the day.

Mobile communication

A two-way radio is a must for any security guard. A mobile phone also comes in handy if the guard needs to quickly contact external organisations, such as the emergency services.

Digital camera

A digital camera makes for an efficient and reliable way to instantly capture images, details or events that may be used to secure a criminal conviction. This is particularly handy in areas without CCTV. For easy and convenient use, body worn cameras, such as those supplied by, are especially beneficial for the security guard.

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Notepad and pen

Although digital communications and technology, such as body worn cameras, make a security guard’s job more efficient, there is still an argument for keeping a notepad and pen on the guard for jotting down quick notes or observations.

Protective clothing

The right clothing offers support to the security guard, with a bullet-proof vest essential in certain scenarios. High-visibility clothing may also be vital to alert people to the guard’s presence, whilst those working on wintery nights may find a heated vest or thermals necessary for keeping out the cold. Sturdy yet comfortable boots are a must for all the walking around that is inherent in this job.

Defence equipment

To protect the guard from attack, and to stop criminals in their tracks, the security guard needs to be in possession of the right defence equipment. What this includes depends on where the security guard works and what the level of threat may be. In high-security situations, they may carry a gun, but a baton or pepper spray may also be part of their defence armoury. A belt is needed to carry this equipment and enable easy access if the items are required.


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