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Spray Foam Equipment 101

In any spray foam insulation business, spray foam equipment is the most important of all. Without the right equipment your business will never flourish. There are certain important components of the equipment that you have to be familiar with. And the main core of the system is the spray foam machine. This machine is the one who performs that most crucial task and it is also considered to be the heart of the entire operation. This is why it should be of the highest standards in both quality and work.

The machine also has an hydraulic pump that will calculate the necessary amount of foam that is to sprayed on the set ratio and them pumps it into the hose and out into the nozzle. Another component that is in the machine is the heating system as this will help keep the foam in it required temperature as this will also give out its optimum yield. The heaters that comes with the should be the best. Always check the machine pressure rating as this will give you an idea about the pressure that is generated to mix the chemicals with the foam. Checking the electrical requirement is also important part of the machine this will tell you if you have the power connections available to run the entire machine.

On the other hand the foam that is used to pump the foam are standard piece of equipment. Be sure that you have the necessary ratings and length that is needed for you to operate the machine freely.

There are actually 3 different types of guns that is available in dispensing chemicals. Air purge is often used because it is affordable and very easy to operate. It used air to dispense the foam. There are also less common types that are being used and these are the mechanical purge wherein it use rod and air to push out the foam and the other one is the solvent purge which uses chemical solvent to push out the foam.

Another important component of the spray foam equipment is the transfer pump. This is the actual pump that transfer chemicals on tank A and B. The chemicals are mixed in different portions and it is then transferred to pumps that also have different capacities that will then allow the spray foam chemical to mix with the right proportions.

For you to know more about the spray foam equipment, you can always check out your local dealer and find out what would be the best for your business.


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