Cartoon themed dresses, in the form of kids clothing, as well as adults clothing, have an everlasting appeal. They give a more personalized feel. A fashionista can even make it his or her own fashion statement. As a clothing wholesaler, when you are researching on your niche market, you will see that kids clothing are quite profitable. While refurbishing your wardrobe, you can shop for dresses that emulate different television or cartoon characters.

Why Choose Cartoon?

Having cartoon themed dresses for children is one of the most versatile choices that parents can ever have. It is a versatile choice. This is because you can choose them for casual dresses, daily wear, party dresses, and even for a cool photo-shoot. Fashionable and stylish design can make your baby look even more attractive. Also, the materials of the best quality dishes are always soft and comfortable. Young children, in particular, are quite imaginative, especially when they are around 3- 6 years of age group. Hence, incorporating their favorite characters in the dresses can also be a key to their statement fashion.

Choosing the Material

The cotton blend is the fabric of choice for most of the kids clothing. Not only they are super comfortable, but they have a better shelf life. Also, they are relatively inexpensive in cost. With a soft hand feeling, it does no harm to the tender skin of the children. It is a good choice for those having sensitive skin, as well.

Get the Style and Size Right

You can choose from a variety of style options, ranging from onesies, long sleeves, T-shirts, bodysuits, rompers, pullovers sweatshirts, hooded tees, among others. Even if you are dealing with children’s dresses exclusively, you can choose to select some twining dresses for with the mommies and the daddies. Twinning with the family is very much in fashion, after all.

Also, you have to be very careful about the size of the dresses. The standard size from different places vary. So while adding a size chart, make sure that you add the size alternatives of various zones. Also, considering the stature of the children concerned is important. So if any customer is shopping for a chubby child, then you would ideally allow for a deviation of a few centimeters while measuring. Optimally suggest a bigger dress.

Shopping Amidst the COVID-19 Era

From economic meltdown to the faltering of the clothing industry, the challenges of a wholesaler amidst the COVID-19 crisis are many. Hence, amidst the new normal, you have to make all the necessary twists and tweaks in the existing wardrobe. Masks and gloves are an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe now. Yet, they are not the things that children particularly like wearing. Having a themed combination of masks and gloves that coordinate with the favorite cartoon characters can be a way to encourage children to wear them. Make sure to create an assortment of selection that offers something to one and all.